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10mois mamamanma Cloud Feeding Set


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Make your meal more enjoyable with cute tableware.
Children’s “I want to eat by myself!” A set of 7 tableware to support you.

■ Set contents
Cloud plate / soup cup with mimi / ochawa / cup / soup dog / stopper / fork spoon
7 pieces are in a special box.

■ Item description
・ Cloud plate … Designed to be easy to collect and scoop rice.
・ Soup cup with mimi … You can hold the mimi firmly with both hands and eat, the soup dog with mimi.
・Stopper… Can be attached to soup wan or ochawan as a non-slip measure.
・Ochawan… The edges are thick and designed to catch children’s hands.
・Cup… A cup with a training lid where drinks come out little by little from the small hole in the lid and you can practice cupping.
・Forks and spoons… Cutlery that fits well in your child’s hands

■ Usage scene
・ For daily meals.
・For festive scenes such as birthdays, Christmas, and Hina Festivals.
・ Gender-neutral designs are also recommended for gifts.

Clud plate grande: width 26.8× height 13.8 × height 3.5 cm

soup cup with mimitsu: width 13.9× height 10.7 × height 5cm

ochawan: diameter 10× height 5.2cm

cup: width 12.9× height 7.2×height 6 .6cm (without lid)
Soup Wan/Bowl Stopper: Diameter 7× Height 1cm

Fork, Spoon: Length 12cm

Country of origin: Japan

・Made of biomass plastic containing bamboo powder with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects.
・Heat resistant temperature is -30°C~140°C, microwave oven and dishwasher can be used.
(Automatic function warming, steam sterilization, steam thawing, boiling disinfection are not possible)
・ We use materials that have cleared the Food Sanitation Law and do not contain environmental hormones such as BPA and BPS.
* Since bamboo, which is a natural material, is used, there are individual differences in the color of the product.
* Even within the same set, the shade of color may differ depending on the item, and there may be uneven color. Please understand that these are derived from the material and are not defective.
* Brown or blackish spots may be visible, but it is part of bamboo, which is the raw material. It’s natural, so it doesn’t do any harm at all.

・Do not use for purposes other than meals.
・Do not put food on it for a long time or leave it in a place with a lot of moisture.
・Do not leave in direct sunlight or near fire.
・The use of the oven is strictly prohibited.
・The use of bleach is strictly prohibited.
・Do not wipe with thinner or benzine.
・Do not apply excessive force. Since it is a delicate product, it may be deformed, cracked, or broken if dropped, hit, or handled roughly.
・For safety, do not use damaged or deformed items.
・Should you observe any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, or irritation on your skin during or after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
・Rubbing with hard or sharp objects such as metal spoons and forks may cause scratches.
・ There is no problem with disinfection in Milton as long as it is left on for about 1 ~ 2 hours at the concentration of guidance.


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