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Richell Re-usable Animal-shaped Container


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It can be used for defrosting and heating with a microwave oven. •Form with s a spoon and easy to save. olt can be piled up and it stores shapely. •With convenient a scale.

<Precautions for Use>

•Please be sure to use it after washing. •Please do not put near heat sources, such as a gas stove and a toaster oven. There is a possibility of changing. •lf drop with contents frozen, it may cause a damages on container. •Since it may expand if a liquid freezes, and a container may also transform. Please do not fill in full. •When a damage is found, please replace with a new thing. (The standard of use: 5 to 6 times) • This product is not a hermetic container. Please use the container with leveled. •There is a possibility that pigment may adhere with food, such as a carrot and a tomato. However, even when a colour sticks, it is not a problem for reasons of sanitation. •Please keep it away from children.

When you carry out microwave oven disinfection, please follow how to deal with each disinfection article. •Make sure not to boil the product excessively as it wears out the product quickly. For boiling to sterilize, boil for 2 to 3 minutes in a large pot with plenty of water. •For sterilizing solution, use baby goods sterilizer and follow the instructions of the sterilizer you use.

<Precautions for Microwave Use>

  • Please read the operation manual of a microwave oven, and be sure to use it by a microwave oven function. •Please do not use it in the function of a grill toaster oven and automatic cooking. •When you thaw and heat with a microwave oven, please be sure to use a lid with opening position.
  • Please avoid heating of the cover food of sugar and oil. It becomes a cause of modification and breakage. •A container get hot after heating.

Please be careful of a burn.

Material: PP Heat/Cool tolerance: -30°C/130°C


Please read the more instructions in the back carefully before use.


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We recommend you follow care labelling instruction provided by manufacture to avoid damage.  Please see our Materials & Care page for help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall follow your request with manufacture.


50ml*10pcs, 100ml*8pcs, 150ml*6pcs

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