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OMNES Kids Foot Measure


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Version upgrade with reference to customer reviews!
Previously, it could only measure up to 19 cm, but from the
NEW version, it can now measure up to 22-23 cm!

Children’s feet grow very quickly, and the cycle of replacing shoes is also very fast.
This foot measure makes it easy to measure your child’s foot size.
For the purchase of shoes. Keep track of your child’s growth.
This is a foot scale measure that measures the size of your child’s feet.
It is very convenient when buying shoes by mail order.
It is also useful for checking the size of shoes and athletic shoes at nursery schools, kindergartens, and schools.

Shoes that are too small can lead to nail deformation and affect the development of the body.
In addition, if it is too large, it may cause injury due to falling.
We recommend checking your foot size once every 3 months until you are about 3 years old, and once every six months until you are about 1 years old.

Just align the heel and move the toe part, so measurement is easy!
Light and thin, easy and convenient ♪ to store

Material: Plastic ABS

Colour: Grey, Salmon Pink, Khaki, Purple, Moss Green, Navy

Measuring size: 6cm to 23cm


004-Gray, 014-Pink, 054-Khaki, 061-Green Blue, 075- Navy, 080-Purple

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