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HOT BISCUITS Warm Spats (90cm)/(1-2Years)


  • Winter spats that can be adjusted in length by folding the hem.
  • ~Spats~ One of the classic baby bottoms in hot biscuits.
  • It is very soft and can be pulled large to put on and take off, so it is easy ♪ for mom and dad to change clothes.
  • Since it fits the foot, the diaper is stable and the child can move easily. In addition, it is small and wrinkles resistant, so it is perfect ♪ for changing clothes in nursery schools.
  •  Wasika material: Acrylic thread (far infrared radiation thread) kneaded with a material with a “warming effect” is used.
  • Water absorption and quick drying


Made in Japan

~ Approximate size ~

80 cm… Around 11kg, 1-year-old

90cm …Around 13kg, 2-year-old


70cm, 80cm, 90cm


Navy Bear, Gray Rabbit

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