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HOT BISCUITS Socks 3pairs Set (13-19cm)


HOT BISCUITS socks 3 pairs set

  • 100% cotton on top
  • The heel has a Y-heel for an improved hold.
    The toes are reinforced threads for firm support.
    《What is the Y heel》
    This is a new function that improves the fit and hold of the heel part by creating a large three-dimensional gusset when knitting the heel part.

11-13cm and 13-15cm have non-slip logo under the sole.

Made in China

【Request for handling】
・It may shrink slightly when washing.
・Use liquid oxygen bleach.
・When washing, dry in the shade with the rubber part facing up.
・In the case of braiding, the thread passes to the back side. Please be careful when putting on and taking off.
・Avoid ironing.


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13-15cm, 15-17cm, 17-19cm

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