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HOT BISCUITS PUREVEIL Quilted Jumper (90-120cm)


It is a thin padding jumper that is active from autumn to winter.
A clean impression with a no-colour design.
It goes perfectly with styling that matches casual innerwear and elegant items in the style of going out!
It can be used unisex and has a compact length, so it is easy to match with any style, such as pants and skirts.

・ The outer material is treated with a pure veil (antibacterial / antiviral) to make it safer and more secure
to wear

・ Durable polyester material with excellent glossy and smooth heat retention

・ The folded part of the cuff is a plaid pattern, so it can be folded back for size adjustment

・ Navy blue is easy to match on uniforms, and is also recommended for commuting to school [Miki House’s pure veil processing]

・ Excellent antibacterial, antiviral, high safety, excellent washing durability


The outer material of this product is made of antibacterial and antiviral processed materials.
Excellent antibacterial and antiviral processing using a hybrid catalyst ® that uses oxygen in the air to decompose harmful substances.
It inhibits the growth of certain bacteria on fibers and reduces the number of certain viruses.

size Width Length Sleeve
80 34.5 37 27.5
90 35.5 39.5 30.8
100 37.5 43 33.8
110 39.5 46 37.8
120 41.5 49 41.8
  • The unit is (cm).
  • The displayed dimensions are a guide.
  • There may be slight differences from the actual product dimensions. Thank you for your understanding.


(Outer fabric) pure veil processing material

(Outer / Lining) Polyester Taffeta

(Lattice part) T/R Lattice Brushed

(Piping) Stretch Corduroy quality

(Outer and lining) 100% polyester

(lattice) 65% polyester, 35% raycose

(piping) 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane

(filling) 100% polyester

Country of Origin: China

Hand wash recommended.

Precautions for use of the product

【Precautions for use】
Friction, washing, and cleaning during wearing may cause fluffing and pilling. If it is particularly noticeable, do not try to pull it off, but clean it with a pilling machine.


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Navy Blue, Khaki Green


90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm

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