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HOT BISCUITS Newborn Socks (7-8cm)


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Product Precautions

Since it is a hygiene product, we cannot accept returns after opening. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

These baby socks gently wrap your newborn baby’s feet.

A nice baby size that can be used from newborns.
It is perfect for the unveiling period such as when you are discharged from the hospital or visiting the palace.

You can also coordinate with a series of matching patterns.
It is a good idea to prepare as a basic item for newborn preparation. * These baby socks can be used from
newborns to around 3 months (wear size 50-60 cm).
Please note that there are individual differences as it is a guideline for size.

【Natural fiber material】
100% cotton (*) is used for the top yarn, and it feels high-quality. It is resistant to washing and reduces the formation of pilling.
* Depending on the color, some acrylic blended yarns are used.

【Y Heel】
Three-dimensional knitting structure holds the heel naturally. It is comfortable to wear.

【With reinforcement thread】
Reinforced thread is used for the toe and heel. It firmly supports energetic movement.

Material: Cotton, Nylon, Polyurethane
Made in Japan
【Request for handling】
・It may shrink slightly when washing.
・Use liquid oxygen bleach.
・When washing, dry in the shade with the rubber part facing up.
・In the case of braiding, the thread passes to the back side. Please be careful when putting on and taking off.
・Avoid ironing.
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