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HOT BISCUITS Baby Rompers (70/80cm)/(3-12Months)


Made of breathable TENJIKU cotton, it can be worn for three seasons from between seasons such as early spring and winter.
It is also perfect for relaxing time around the house or going out.

Since two layers of very soft TENJIKU cottons are combined, a layer of air is formed between them, and it is characterized by high heat retention.
It is light and breathable, so it is ideal for babies who are not good at regulating body temperature.

The cuffs have a full pattern so that they can be worn cutely even if they are folded back.

The front opening hook button opens it fully, so it is easy to change clothes.
With the inseam hook button, diaper changing is also easy.
-Since it opens fully to the inseam with the front hook, it is convenient to change clothes and diapers

● The buttocks are loose and gusseted, and do not interfere with the active movement of the child.


Cotton 100% (Rib part: cotton 72%, polyester 28%)

[Size guide]

70cm: 9kg

80cm: 11kg


Ribbon, Flower, Car, Star


70cm, 80cm

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