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Angel Star Dress (90-130cm)/(1-7Years)


Made of breathable 100% cotton, cool and quick dry, perfect for summer.

Made in Japan


It is a very cute jumper skirt with a large ribbon pattern. It is colourful, perfect for the coming season, cute and conspicuous. If you coordinate with a T-shirt or blouse, the atmosphere will change again, and matching clothes will be fun, so please enjoy layering. There is rubber around the neck and sleeves, and there is also a zipper on the side, so it is easy for children to wear and move around. There is also a pocket on the right side, so you can ♪ carry a handkerchief or tissue when you go out.

■ About Angel Star
・ A brand born in the sense of brand concept
[a shining, gentle, and beautiful angel star in the sky].
We are particular about organic cotton and other materials that are kind to children and the environment, and deliver safe and secure Japan products that are adorable, trad,
and easy to wear.

・ Why Angel Star is loved Utilizing the know-how cultivated by being involved in baby and children’s clothing for more than 50 years, we do everything from high-quality material selection to design and planning in-house, and sew at a partner factory in Japan.
We are particular about each material, create designs and patterns that other companies do not have for cute children, carefully improve each item, and provide safe and secure Japan products.
Among them, we have been making organic cotton since 2000, when it was still almost unknown in Japan, and we are trying to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable products.


[Size guide]

Size         Chest   Shoulder   Total Length
90cm           29cm            21cm                 43.5cm
100cm         31cm            22cm           50cm
110cm       33cm        23cm           55cm
120cm      35cm        26cm           61cm
130cm      36cm        28cm          68cm


Citrus Studio acts as an authorised distributor by launching these items.

We recommend you follow care labelling instruction provided by manufacture to avoid damage.  Please see our Materials & Care page for help. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall follow your request with manufacture.


Cream, Pink


90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

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